Following my previous post on Product Design and Customer Experience i would like to share this presentation originally given by Matt Jones at Frontiers Of Interaction V, Rome, Italy on 8th June 2009 that helps to enlarge the vision of people working in design and marketing.

I found also this fascinating quote:

The concept of “Thingfrastructure” in the talk is something I’ve found myself scribbling in the margins of my moleskine for a few months now, and it’s something I want to come back to: resilience in services, especially when connected to things – and whether it’s possible to design ‘things’ that generate resilient services for themselves. I think it’s been in the back of my mind since Ryan Freitas gave an excellent talk on the subject at MX last year in San Francisco. Anyway – as I say, I’ll keep scribbling, and hopefully others will too.Magical Nihilism, May 2009

and this one from the presentation

What i think we need to investigate are designs of Media, services and producs that are resilient, and self sustaining as far as possible. I like to call this Thingfrastructure

You should read the whole article.